Our Story


Anne’s Meadow is a brand curated by women for women. The fundamental intention of the company is to encourage females to empower each other while allowing them to simultaneously embrace their unique selves. It aims to show women the value of utilizing fashion as a vehicle for self expression, which further encourages them to dress for themselves rather than for others. By welcoming and embracing both feminine and masculine traits in this area of their lives, these individuals will acknowledge the freedom that clothes can bring them! 

Every piece by Anne’s Meadow is handpicked carefully with love and with the intention of not only turning heads, but also to make the wearer feel confident no matter where they are! This means that no matter where—either staying home or travelling around the world—these females are ensured to feel like their most authentic self! 

The company’s mission is to reclaim female vitality and inspire women to develop confidence through fashion. We provide females with the ability to freely communicate themselves through the experimentation of different aesthetics. This will enable them to truly understand their personality and even their sexuality. Through the discovery of these elements, women will become more in-tune with how the clothes they wear can have an impact on the manner in which they feel and perceive themselves. With this, it will show them how fashion can shape them into becoming confident and inspiring women!

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- Anne xx